• “Shallot Tonkotsu Ramen"

  • “Tonkotsu Black All Star Topping"

  • “Shoyu Ramen"

  • “SUMO Ramen"

  • “Osan Spicy"

Our feelings towards Ramen

I always think what it means for me to receive money from cutomers. Have I made my customers happy?

My hope is that I have made every single customer who have tasted my Ramen happy and make a big smile on their face.

Customer pay from their hard earned money and say “thank you chef!”. I want to say “You’re welcome! Thank you so much for selecting my Ramen!”

I make soup everyday wanting to see smile on customers faces. Everyday, soup making is a challenge, but I love it.

Ramen Life is a life with lots of “Thank you!”

Chef O-san's profile

July 2004 Opens first shop in Kita-Kyushu City, FUKUOKA
April 2008 Becomes 3rd place in all Kyushu area Ramen contest among more than 500 shops
July 2008 Opens new shopin Itabashi district, TOKYO
September 2008 Picked up by Fuji Television as one of most popular Ramen shop
December 2008 Featured as one of best Ramen shop of all time at TV TOKYO
Septebmer 2009 Opens shop in Shinjyuku, TOKYO
October 2010 Featured in ”Most Advanced Ramen Making Technique” Magazine
October 2011 Opens shop in Itabashi, TOKYO
October 2012 Opens shop in Waseda, TOKYO